Using 3D Technology To Future-Proof Your Next Construction Project

On a recent commercial upfit project we were able to employ new 3D mapping and rendering technology to create a complete digital map of the project. After rough-construction has been completed but before the finish-construction begins, a complete 3D model of a building can be created using a special camera and software package. Once the model has been rendered you’re able to digitally walk through the building and see all the structural and mechanical elements in the building.

Gooding Contractors 3d Dollhouse View
The “Dollhouse” View of the project.

The model can then be referenced if maintenance issues arise or to help plan future improvements and upgrades. There are built-in measuring tools to make locating studs, water pipes, and electrical lines simple and straightforward, so you can drill into the wall with confidence that you won’t get any surprises.

Gooding Contractors 3d Plumbing
See the exact location of the building structure, plumbing, and electrical.

If you’re working on a new custom home, getting a 3D model created during construction would be a great memento to help remember the excitement of the construction phase.

The tool used to create the 3D renders is called Matterport. View a demo of the software on a completed home project.

Annotation 2020 05 07 214429
The walkthrough project view.

We were very impressed by this technology, and we are excited to see the power of modern technology helping to improve the construction field. If you would like to create a 3D render of your next commercial or residential project contact Gooding Contractors today.